Pokemon Quiz Gen 1

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was!

I know that is in your mind. But, I think I am the very best and you could be the number 2. Prove me wrong with solving this Pokemon Quiz gen 1.

The original Pokemon. Released in 1996 and 1998, the game was a sensation.

The concept of RPG with collectible critters craze the world. Everybody tried to catch them all. Everybody tried to be the very best.

The first era of Pokémon games, regarded among old fans because the basic color technology as a result of names in the versions introduced, is the preliminary set of 4 Pokémon video games released.

Began with Pokémon Red and Green, sometime later it was joined simply by third edition Blue and special edition Yellow in Japan, the Gen I video games were created beginning as soon as 1990 coming from a thought that Satoshi Tajiri experienced thought of and pitched to Nintendo by using Shigeru Miyamoto. The motivation for various of the essential mechanics launched in this generation came from Tajiri’s child years desire for bug collecting, with the trading system between two Game Boys being thought of when he imagined a caterpillar crawling across the Game Link Cable between two systems.

Following local achievement in Japan, this generation was localized into English, with initial efforts to keep the Pocket Monster name intended for international make use of blocked due to the Monster in my Pocket franchise leading to the release as “Pokémon”. Further modifications made in the localization included the mixture of Red, Green, and Blue into the English variations of Pokémon Red and Blue, applying Red and Green’s crazy Pokémon come across lists yet Blue’s somewhat improved images. The coexisting release with the games and anime resulted in a great almost-overnight surge in recognition, cementing the Pokémon franchise strongly as a Manufacturer’s mainstay together with Super Mario and The Story of Zelda.

There are two battle arena games had been released in this kind of era: the mostly-incomplete Pokémon Stadium (Japanese), which proceeded to go unreleased beyond Japan in support of allowed utilization of 42 Pokémon, and the increased Pokémon Arena, which presented many unique battle settings and a Gym Leader Castle where players could take their particular fully-trained groups for fits against the Kanto Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and Champ.

Let’s start the Pokemon Quiz Gen 1


The first Pokemon in Pokedex is ...

Correct! Wrong!

Bulbasaur is the 1st Pokemon

How to evolve Haunter into Gengar?

Gastly Haunter Gengar Nintendo
Correct! Wrong!

Trading is the only way to get Gengar in Gen 1

In what level does Pikachu evolve into Raichu?

Pikachu Raichu
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Pikachu needs Thunderstone to evolve into Raichu

What type is not available yet?

Correct! Wrong!

Dark is released in Gen 2

Which Pokemon is the starter in Pokemon Yellow?

Pokemon Yellow Nintendo
Correct! Wrong!

The one following you everywhere

To beat Charmander, which move do best?

Charmander Charmeleon Charizard
Correct! Wrong!

Water beats Fire. Simple

Red in Pokemon Red has this Pokemon

Pokemon Champion Red
Correct! Wrong!

Alakazam is one of the strongest Pokemon in this Generation

The last Pokemon in Pokedex is ...

Correct! Wrong!

Mew is the last entry in Kanto's Pokedex

Which one is not the elite four of Pokemon gen 1?

Correct! Wrong!

Sabrina is Saffron City Gym Leader

What Pokemon you can get in Celadon city?

Correct! Wrong!

You can get an Eevee in a building in Celadon City

Pokemon Quiz Gen 1
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