Pokemon Quiz Gen 2

The best ever Pokemon I have played

Pokemon Crystal, regarded as the best Pokemon game by fans. Because of its’ extensive play-through and Pokemon from Johto and Kanto combined.

Of course, in this game, you can find me. Brandon in Route 34 with my Snubbull

The 2nd generation of Pokémon games, known to as the Gold & Silver series in Pokémon Crystal’s package blurb and training manual, and sometimes known as the metallic generation or perhaps metallic era by old players because of the names in the paired variations, is a follow up to the Generation I video games Red and Green, Green, Red and Blue, and Yellow.

You start with Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver later it was joined by Pokémon Crystal, Gen 2 started the Pokémon series’ expansion-focused character, presenting towards the world 75 new Pokémon which do not can be found and are not able to be acquired in the Generation I game titles, and the fresh region of Johto. Various of these Pokémon increase the development groups of older Pokémon, while most of them are brand-new major family members.

The initial touch that Generation II was on the way arrived in early 97, with the launch of the anime’s first episode. A Pokémon shows up to Ash Ketchum around the first day time of his journey, soon after he and Pikachu turn into friends, that cannot be recognized by the Pokédex. This kind of wonderful fantastic bird, later on exposed as the Famous mascot of Silver Edition, Ho-Oh, was the 1st Pokémon coming from a future generation to premiere in the cartoons. The games, initially called directly because “Pocket Monster 2”, had been set intended for release at the end of 1997, but had been forced back to 99 with the intention to redevelop the video games to work with the overall Game Boy Color better.

Information in the game titles reveal the storyline with the Gen II games happens three years following the one in Generation I and Generation 3, while the story of the Sinnoh-based Generation 4 games suggest that they happen contemporaneously to Generation 2 as Era I will to Generation III.

Let’s start the Pokemon Quiz Gen 2


What is the new evolution of Eevee introduced here?

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Espeon and Umbreon are introduced here

What is the type of Quilava?

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Quilava is Fire Type

What is the name of Legendary Bird Pokemon in Gen 2?

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Ho-Oh is the Legendary Bird Pokemon

Which one is not the starter of Pokemon Gen 2?

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Hoothoot can be found in wild easily

Who is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City?

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Morty is the Leader of Ecruteak Gym

How many Pokemon was in the Pokedex?

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Total is 251

What is not the Legendary Pokemon found in Johto?

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Zekrom is found at Unova

What is the type of Magneton?

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Magneton is an Electric-Steel Pokemon

What is the move type of Bite?

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Bite is a Dark Type Move

Which type was introduced in Gen 2?

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Dark was introduced in Gen 2 along with Steel

Pokemon Quiz gen 2
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