Pokemon Quiz Gen 4

The region Sinnoh. A new region, with new mysteries. And of course, new Pokemon!

The fourth generation of Pokémon video games is the 4th set of Pokémon games unveiled.

Like Generation II adopted from Generation I, Generation IV comes after from Generation III, even though this is in contrast to Generation II in that it is far from a direct follow up (Hoenn is usually inaccessible in most Era 4 games). Like prior generations, Generation IV focuses on 1 main location across 3 games, the Sinnoh place featured in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum around the Nintendo DS, produced 5 years ago and 08 (and 3 years ago and 2009 outside Japan). Also like Generation II, the Gen 4 games maintain much suitability with their Generation III equivalent, though in a diverse way, and expose various fresh Pokémon that are related to the ones from the past three a long time.

Much just like Generation 3 remade the Generation I just games, the Generation 2 games likewise received very much anticipated termes conseillés in the form of HeartGold and SoulSilver, and through details exposed in the five main game titles, Generation 4 is therefore known to be contemporaneous with Generation II, happening three years following Gen I and Generation III. Just like all models, the handheld video games are joined by house console games; Pokémon Fight Revolution and My Pokémon Ranch had been released intended for the Nintendo wii during this generation.

The addition of more than a hundred new Pokémon, bringing the total to 493. Also including new evolutions for several Pokemon, including those of Electabuzz, Magmar, and Eevee.

Let’s catch them all!

And let’s start the Pokemon Quiz Gen 4


How many Pokemon in the new Pokedex?

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There are 493 Pokemon after the addition of Gen 4 Pokemon

Which Pokemon is not the Legendary Pokemon in Generation IV?

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Kyogre is found in Hoenn in Gen III

What is one of the Pokemon of Cyrus. Team Galactic Leader?

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Crobat is his favorite Pokemon

What is not the starter Pokemon of gen 4?

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Torchic is gen 3 starter

Who is the Champion in this generation

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Cynthia is the Champ

Who is the Gym Leader of Snowpoint city?

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The leader is Candice

What is Valkner's highest level Pokemon?

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Electrivire is his Strongest Pokemon

This evolution of Eevee is found in this generation

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Leafeon along with Glaceon is introduced here in Gen 4

What is the type of Original Rotom?

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Rotom's type is Electric Ghost

What is Falkner's strongest Pokemon?

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Pidgeot is his strongest Pokemon

Pokemon Quiz Gen 4
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