Pokemon Trivia

As a fan myself, I always confident about my knowledge on Pokemon Trivia.

Yes, as a PokeFan, knowing all the things about Pokemon is necessary.

And for that reason, I read Bulbapedia in and out. The result is good, I am really confident about Pokemon and everything.

Do you know that female Alakazam has shorter mustache?

Or do you know that Mew was mistakenly added in the latest phase of the development?

I believe you don’t know any of these.

But if you know, try this Pokemon Trivia Quiz, and check yourself whether you are know enough about Pokemon or not.

I myself also often try this kind of quiz to measure my knowledge. It is worth it in the end. Because, I can confidently said that I am the very best. Not you, haha.

Prove me wrong if you can. Try to get all question right and brag it to your friends.

Do you know that Arcanine supposed to be a legendary Pokemon?

Or do you realize that Gengar is like Clefable’s shadow?

Or do you know that Zubat doesn’t have eyes?

If you know, then start the quiz!

If not, try a bit more.

Learn about Pokemon Trivia

pokemon trivia

The vast world. I don’t even know whether how many evolutions of Eevee really existed. Although Jolteon is still my favorite one. Haha.

809 Pokemon, 7 Regions so far. With the rumored 8th Generation comes this year. There are many possibilities about Pokemon. Good and Bad.

And we as the PokeFan, has some responsibility towards them. Why not spread the word and let many PokeFan around the world try their knowledge here.

I welcome all of you, and all of them. Prove your knowledge and show me that you are the very best.

Start the Pokemon Trivia now!


How many Pokemon have non alphabetic character in their name?

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They are; Nidoran♀, Nidoran♂, Farfetch'd, Mr. Mime, Porygon2, Ho-oh, Mime Jr., and Porygon-Z

Which region doesn't have a Safari Zone?

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What do Pikachus do when interlocking their tails?

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It is a mean of Greeting

What breedable Pokemon can't Ditto breed?

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It itself...

What is the most common letter of Pokemon's first letter in their name in English version?

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S is

Who is the only Gym Leader/Elite 4 who has three of the same Pokemon in his/her team?

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What electric Pokemon before 3rd Gen can't learn Electric type Move?

Pikachu Raichu
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Voltorb and its evolution, Electrode can't learn electric type move.

What is the minimum accuracy of all Ghost type moves?

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No ghost type move below 100% accuracy

What is the Ground type Pokemon that can't learn Ground type move before Gen 3?

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Sandslash is the answer

Which Region have the same badge names for all gyms in English and Japanese version?

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Hoenn is the answer

What Pokemon can't learn any normal type move?

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In Pokemon Gen 1, if a Dragonite use Dragon Rage into another Dragonite and the base damage of the move itself is 40, how much damage it inflicts?

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Dragon Rage has constant damage of 40, no resistance or weaknesses can increase or decrease the damage.

What moves can't a Lickitung learn in Pokemon Gen 1?

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Lick. What an irony!

How to find out Pokemon's gender in Gen 1?

Pokemon Yellow
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By its attack and defense stat. High atk means Male, while females have high def.

What is the color of Gyarados' eyes in the game?

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It is red

Pokemon Trivia
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